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Driving Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers!

Driving Hand Controls
Steering Wheel Spinners
Instructors Control Brake Pedals
Adapt Accelerator Pedals

Hand Brake Lever Controls
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Blocked Panels for Foot Brakes
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Who Are We ?

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Siphola La (PTY) LTD started on 2006 as a close corporation named Steer-Away Company cc. We then rebranded to Siphola La PTY (LTD) in 2014.

The Company manufactures and supplies many forms of driving hand controls and driving aids for all types of customers and age groups in KZN. Sipho Mdletshe is a qualified motor mechanic since 1976 and actively involved in the accessibility and lately in an anniversary design for disabled drivers. We have the skill, experience and diverse product knowledge to create a solution appropriate to all our customers. To make the driving experience simple for our customers, we specialize in adapting automatic and semi-automatic cars only. We also refer people to a reputable Training Institutions for an assessment, driving lessons and to qualify for a driver’s license.....Read More

  • The only disability in life is a bad attitude

  • ~ Scott Hamelton

What Makes Us The Best ?

We focus on important matters and points when creating our equipment.


All our equipment go through intensive quality control inspection.


We use the latest technology to make your driving easier and less stressfull.


Our Products are quality and affordable.